Welcome! After becoming a mom, and wishing to preserve the memories of my children's youth, I realized my love of photography. It is so vital to make memories, and keep them through the visual of photography. After all our memories won't last in our minds forever. I believe in photos that capture true moments of life. I believe in letting kids play, and not making them always pose. Candid photos show what real life is about. Special intimate moments that show true character, relationships , and personalities. I love the details , like holding hands, and showing teens with their ipods, or cool shoes, smelling flowers, , kissing your spouse etc. I have been doing free shoots for several years now, and decided to take my time, and expand into a business.I mainly do on location shoots, but we can also make arrangements for me to come your home, especially for those newborn photos. I know how hard it is as a new mom , to get out of the house! I look forward to helping you preserve your memories as an investment for yourself, and future generations!

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